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Povray Raytracing

Honda CBX-1000 engine (548 Frame Level Objects)

Prints of this raytracing image are available via ZAZZLE in full size 7800 x 5200 pixels.

This huge size raytracing took 16 hours and 47 minutes to render on a 2 MHz Pentium 4.
The 9 % of full size image above took 20 minutes and 26 seconds to complete.

Examples of full size details

To Order your prints

  1. click ZAZZLE to go to the zazzle website
  2. fill in cbx engine in the Product Search box and click GO

  3. Presto. 1 found. click it.

  4. select the best size. 78 x 52 inch recommended (1981 x 1320 mm)

  5. select an expensive media

  6. select a matching frame

  7. Order a few more to get a nice discount

Download (zipped) bitmaps for Windows background