Keyboard Controls

For faster operation of the Curta you can use single or multiple key commands.

Some more advanced options are only available as keyboard commands.


key(s) action remarks
MR Machine Ready Clear and Reset the Curta
Enter Start a Crank Cycle At same speed as previous crank cycle
C1 Crank very fast  
C2 Crank fast  
C3 Crank slow  
C4 Crank very slow  
1..6 Turn Carriage 1 = units, 2 = tens...
A Add Mode  
S Subtract Mode  
TI Turns Counter Increment Mode Cranking once (in add mode) increments the turns counter
TD Turns Counter Decrement Mode Cranking once (in add mode) decrements the turns counter
CX Clearing Lever eXpand To expand (fold out) the clearing lever
CF Clearing Lever Fold To Fold-In the clearing lever
CR Clear Results Only possible if clearing lever extended
CT Clear Turns Counter Only possible if clearing lever extended
CS Clear Setters Clears the settings on the setting levers
EX Start Exploded view mode  
IM Implode the Curta  
X1 Strip the Curta Show only the essential parts
X0 Restore the Curta Show all parts
BS Background Color Setters: Show  
BH Background Color Setters: Hide  
OS Outside Show Cover is always visible
OH Outside Hide Cover is never visible
OA Outside Automatic Cover to automatic mode: Show/Hide depends on distance
FT Fog Toggle Toggle the Fog On/Off
FI Fog Increase More Fog - (only possible is Fog is On)
FD Fog Decrease Less Fog   - (only possible is Fog is On)
FL Fog Linear Linear increase in blending: for depth cueing effect (only possible is Fog is On)
FE Fog Exponential Exponential increase in blending: for more natural fog (only possible is Fog is On)
Note: Only available if the VRML viewer is using Open GL

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