The 2009 Release

Some short notes on the 2009 release


Standalone or on a Web page

YACS can now be shown on a Web page with controls and feedback and a (multiplication only) calculator.

Note: this code is only tested on Window XP and Vista and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Just click the little squares to operate the Curta.
You can still use the keyboard command or click on the Curta. The indicators on the page reflect the current state.

Hover the mouse over the squares to get a tooltip. The keyboard command is included in the tooltip whenever a keyboard command is available. The keyboard equivalent is shown in []-brackets. Example: Machine Ready [MR]

You can also start YACS in standalone mode and just use the keyboard command or click and shift part of the Curta.

The removable cover

When you start YACS the Curta is presented with a partial cover.
When you get closer to the Curta the cover is removed.
Back up a bit and the cover is back again.

You can control the cover state (on or off) from the Web page or with keyboard commands.

The calculator

This very simple calculator can demonstrate how the Curta performs a multiplication

It is a very basic calculator:


State Display

On the right side of the 7-segment display there are 3 dots to indicate the current state

Key Summary

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