Why did I do it

For two main reasons:

My first exposure to the Curta was when a teacher showed us a Curta in our classroom.
It really was an amazing little machine. We were each allowed to do one easy calculation on the Curta.

That was early 1964, not long after JFK was killed in Dallas. The Royal Dutch Air Force crashed an F 104 Starfighter every few months and there was Archie the man of steel.


In the past everything was better... even the future.

>> Fast Forward 44 years >>

After searching the Internet for a while I discovered that it was called a Curta.
The good thing is that there is plenty of information on the Curta.
The bad thing is that they are now collectable.

Not willing to spend 1000+ dollars on the real thing I decided to build my own.

Because I do not like to get tired or dirty I soon settled for a virtual one.

I already did a few things in VRML, so it was a logical choice to use it for the Curta.
VRML 2.0 allows for basic animations, and for more complex things you can use JavaScript Nodes.

All you need is a PC, and a little time :-)

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