Changing the Background

Selecting a Background Mode

Use the backgrounds Selector to select one of the following backgrounds

color - factory default
the preset background color
used at each startup

color - last user color
a used defined color
remebered in a cookie on your PC

sky - rotates with motion
some sky images are used as a background
the background rotates with the motion of the Antikythera

Adjusting the User Background Color

the colour settings levers

You may not like the current background colour, or maybe you like to change it to match an exact colour.
In this case you need the colour setters.

The colour setters are located at the back of the control box.

Matching a known colour

RGB values are displayed on the console

To exactly match a known RGB colour you can open the console while operating the colour setters.

Right click and select Setting and then Console from the context menu.
The RGB values are displayed on the console. Make sure you zoom in on the setters to achieve maximum accuracy.


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