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Yet Another Antikythera Simulator


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Using  YAAS

Drag with mouse button pressed
Drag with center mouse button pressed
Use mouse scroll wheel
Zoom in to inspect a part
Double-click on it
keep Double-clicking it to get closer
View preset Viewpoints
Right-Click in the 3D window and select Viewpoints
Use Page-Up / Page-Down keys
Home-key selects first viewpoint
End-key selects last viewpoint
Run the Simulator
Click the Buttons or
use keyboard Shortcuts as shown in [] in pop-up hint
More information
Hover the mouse over the controls in the right panel for a pop-up hint
Right-click in the 3D window for a pop-up menu
About  YAAS

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About the running Sound
The never ending increasing and decreasing tones are Shepard Tones.

More about Shepard Tones on Wikipedia
The sound was recorded from This Website

The gears of the Antikythera mechanism
The gearwheels are referenced by the shaft they are mounted on.

All the gears in the Antikythera Mechanism
shaft 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 remarks
A   20           drive shaft for simulation
B_0_1_2 20 20 64         Year
B_3       32       Moon
C   38 48          
D   24 127          
E_1_6   32         50  
E_2_5     32     50    
E_3_4       223 188      
F   53 30          
G   54 20         Saros
H   60 15          
I   60           Exeligmos
L   38 53          
M   96 15 27        
N   53 15         Metonic
P   60 12          
O   60           Callippic
Q 20              
K   50 50         Moon Phase Sphere

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About the Antikythera Mechanism

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